Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Morning with the Bovines

Last week as I was driving out to Dad's, I saw that our family friends, the Rose's, had some of their cows and calves down in a pasture close to their house and got the idea that I wanted to take some pictures of them for my sister Stephanie. Dad mentioned it to Ranae, who said "Heck ya, come and take 'em!"

Well, I didn't make it over before they moved back up in the higher hills.

Yesterday morning at Dad's I noticed that the hillside behind his place was dotted with cattle.
I really wanted to go and take pictures but I was headed out the door to work.

When I got back to Dad's that evening, he told me that a couple of them showed up in his yard. Dad's neighborhood is surrounded on two sides by open range, so it's not an uncommon thing to see cows that close to the houses.

This morning I was determined to get out on the quad and hunt them down.
Since they were up high on the hill and I don't have alot of experience on the quad,
I was a little apprehensive about heading up a muddy dirt trail.

Yep, the top of this hill...

What if I fell off and they mistook me for a giant salt lick?

Have you ever seen a cow tongue? Gross! Bleech!!

But I had a mission.
Dammit, I was gonna get cow pictures for my Otis!
And get them I did!

Aren't they cute?
This is a "pair". A cow and her calf.
This I learned from Pioneer Woman.

"Hay Lady, what're you lookin' at?"

"Com'on Ladies, let's get outta here!"

Then it was time to head back down the muddy trail.

These Lucies are for you Stephanotis!
I risked life and limb and the threat of
cow tongues to get them for you!
But I love you more than all the cows in the world!
So it was, like, totally worth it!

**And speaking of Dad...He went to Salt Lake on the 7th and came back on the 16th but his gallbladder decided to stay there. His recovery is going great!!!!!!


  1. Hahahahhaaa... this is soo cute! I love that you risked life and limb and threat of cow tongue to get me cow pictures! And I love the "Hay Lady" as opposed to Hey Lady. Cause obviously cows would say hay, not hey. LOL. cute!

  2. Such a clever writer! Love ya!